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Every night from 18.30, I have a great time with my co cast of RAGTIME. The backstage is a place filled with fun people. We chat , we laugh, joke with our lines and try to keep busy as we wait for our cues to hit the stage and BANG! Melanin.

These nights the theatre is usually filled with people. Ticket sales dramatically increased since the opening night because everyone who sees the performance goes telling other people how amazing it was.  Nothing as good as a thrilled audience. Some who have seen the play still buy tickets to see it again and this time they come with someone they care about, so yes, it has really been a rewarding outing for me and the rest of the cast and crew. And of cause the Music team as well as the Director.

Every night after the show i see Renata ( the director ) with a big smile of satisfaction on her face, its almost as if she is saying ” yes, we did it again”. 

Ragtime is an American musical that portrays the pain and struggles of the Negro in a society where justice was not fairly balanced. There is a lot of emotions, depth and human expressions in the story. Many in the audience begin to shed tears unknowingly as they see the performance because the story portrays humanity. The Director, cast and crew of the musical have been able to interpret the story in such a way that it is no longer just depicting American history but in many ways it depicts the present day struggles of many of us to be accepted for who we are in a society that constantly tries to force us to be someone else.

It is very emotional to see the lead character ” Coalhouse” shedding tears on stage as he expresses his frustrations. He was forced to choose how to respond to intimidation. At first he chose to respond with violence until Booker T Washington made him to realise the price he must pay if he chooses to use violence in getting his rights. Many of his followers may lose their lives fighting for his cause and eventually his son may grow up without a father. Is it too late to adopt peace or is it better to continue demanding our rights violently? It is best to decide after you have seen the show. 

The show continues every night from tonight january 25. 2018 til Saturday january 27. at Sandvika Teater. Doors open at 18:40 weekdays and 17:40 on Saturday.

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Norway’s Got Talent 2017 Semifinalist Appyday started his music and acting Career in Nigeria West Africa. In 2013 He moved to Norway where he is currently based. He did a total rebranding and comeback to his music career in 2016 after being away for some time.


  1. This is a good development. We are proud to see you representing and the exploits you are achieving … keep shinning the light. #proudlyNigerian

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